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No one wants to have gum disease, but there are lots of options available to help treat it. One of these options is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). With this laser gum disease treatment, patients can repair gum health without undergoing any painful cutting and stitching of the tissue. By using a laser rather than a scalpel to remove unhealthy tissue, patients will experience less discomfort and a smaller chance of infection. But what does it actually entail? Here is what you need to know:

Measuring pocket depth. First, we measure periodontal pockets how much loss of gum attachment has occurred with a small measuring instrument between the teeth and gum line.

Removing the bacteria. The next step is to remove any bacteria and diseased tissue from the area, using a laser rather than a traditional blade, making it less painful for the patient.

Removing calculus deposits and stimulating the bone. Ultrasonic scalers are used to remove calculus deposits from underneath the gum line. Ultrasonic instruments stimulate new bone-forming cells to come out of the bone, forming new bone around the teeth.

Blood clot formations. The treatment also causes the blood to clot and form a tight seal around the tooth. In this way, LANAP® can create a safe environment for the repair of bone and gum health.

Tissue compression. Next, we compress the tissue gently against the tooth, but without using sutures (stitches).

Adjustment of bite. During the final step of LANAP® gum disease treatment, patients will have their bite examined for signs of trauma and adjusted where there are spots of excessive force.

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Laser Periodontal Therapy: Saving Your Teeth Without Traditional Surgery | Palm Beach Gardens Dentist

Whether we lie it or not, there is a very high chance that we will develop some form of gum disease in our lifetime. This is why it is important to keep your regular dental appointments. Practicing proper dental hygiene and catching it early will ensure there is a treatment option available to cure it. Keeping our mouths healthy will also help keep our overall health in tip top shape. If it isn’t healthy, gum disease can progress and necessitate advanced periodontal treatment – traditional periodontal surgery and laser periodontal therapy (LANAP).

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LANAP Protocol: What You Need to Know | Palm Beach Gardens Dentist

It may sound surprising, but over 80% of US adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. And if left untreated, gum disease can lead to receding gums, loss of bone, and ultimately, tooth loss. Thankfully, there is an excellent option for patients who are fearful of conventional scalpel surgery – the LANAP® protocol. Sound too good to be true? Take a look for yourself…

The LANAP protocol is a minimally invasive gum disease treatment that uses a specific dental laser, the PerioLase® MVP-7™. The LANAP protocol is the first and only protocol to receive FDA clearance for True Regeneration, which is re-growing new cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone, three components are needed for full oral function.

What are the benefits of the LANAP protocol for the treatment of gum disease?

Less post-operative pain. Using the PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser, the LANAP protocol helps avoid cutting and stitching of the gums. As a result, patients usually have minimal post-operative discomfort.

Quicker recovery time. Most patients are able to return to their regular daily activities immediately following the procedure, which generally requires less than a 24-hour recovery period. Following traditional scalpel and suture surgery, recovery can take two to four weeks, during which patients can experience considerable pain and swelling.

Healthy gums with minimal recession. When your gums are cut, the tissue shrinks and can show more of your tooth root. Because the LANAP protocol does not cut your gums, the tissue stays intact.

Regeneration without foreign materials. Because the PerioLase laser stimulates your body’s own healing response, your LANAP dentist doesn’t have to add foreign ‘growth factors.’

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