End Your Dental Anxiety for Good | Palm Beach Gardens Dentist

If you want to keep your smile healthy and bright, it’s necessary to visit the dentist at least twice a year. But if you are the type of patient that fears going to the dentist for whatever reason, it is easy to let those appointments slide. And while this seems to be a quick fix, this isn’t doing anything for your smile. In fact, if you only wait until you experience pain, you are in for a whole lot more of it as you are getting treated. But worry not – dental professionals now have options to give you the most relaxing visit possible with sedation dentistry.

To break it down simply, sedation dentistry your dentist’s way to relax you enough to handle the dental procedure and it’s done through the use of medication. A numbing agent will also be administered to the area to alleviate any pain you may have from the procedure.

If you aren’t in need of a lot to relax you, chances are you will be receiving nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, through a mask. If you need to be calmed with a bit more than a mask full of laughing gas, the next option would be an oral sedative about an hour before your procedure. It is also possible to be sedated via an IV. It takes affect a lot quicker but also has the ability to be adjusted as needed. For the more invasive procedures, a deeper sedation will be administered by medications prior to your procedure.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options available to help ease your nerves. Keep your dental appointments – your dental professional will surely look after you.

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