3D Vision at the Dentist? | Palm Beach Gardens Dentist

It seems like everything is getting more realistic when it comes to the movies and shows we watch. The dinosaurs and aliens we seem like working actors because technology is so advanced, it’s difficult to tell the difference. But did you ever think this 3D technology was ever going to involve your dental visits? It’s true. Modern dentistry is slowly catching up to today’s technology and the use of 3D digital imaging being just one of the many new advancements.

It’s really great because it allows dentists a wide variety of perspectives of the face, neck and teeth, giving you a better diagnosis and making a more complete treatment plan. With 3D ConeBeam Imaging, dentists do a lot more than ever before. The technology is fast, simple and completely non-invasive, so there’s no need to worry. All you have to do is sit in the chair for a scan, and the dentist has a computer-generated view of your face, teeth and other important details from various perspectives.

The imaging system is basically an X-ray scanner, only it’s mounted on a rotating arm. While you sit in the chair, the scanner will move around your head to gather all the data necessary. There’s no preparation of any kind involved. The dentist can then call up any necessary view on a computer monitor. This accessibility makes it easier to see bones, teeth, airways, nerves, as well as tissues and see the relationship between them in order to create a more effective treatment plan.

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