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Gum recession is a common dental problem that few are aware they have, likely because the beginning symptoms are subtle, but gum recession is not something you want to ignore. If you think your gums are receding, make an appointment with your dentist in order to receive the proper treatment options to repair the gum and prevent further damage. Let’s talk about the signs and symptoms that commonly lead to receding gums:

Periodontal disease. More commonly known as gum disease, this bacterial infection that destroys gum tissue and the supporting bone that holds your teeth in place.

Aggressive brushing. Brushing your teeth too hard can cause gums to recede, as well as cause the sensitive gum tissues to recede.

Genes. In some cases, people whose parents had chronic gum recession can be more susceptible to receding gums.

Tobacco. Smoking tobacco causes the gum tissues to lose blood supplies, chewing tobacco physically irritates the tissue, and this ongoing irritation can result in gum recession in the area.

Poor dental hygiene. Not keeping up with a normal dental routine can cause several problems. Receding gums can be a result of untreated cavities, postponed cleanings, and persistent gum problems.

Piercings. Constant irritation of gum tissue rubbing against a lip or tongue piecing can cause for the gum to recede.

Hormonal changes. Changes in the female hormone levels during a woman’s lifetime can all cause for gum sensitivity or gum recession.

Misalignment. When teeth are not aligned evenly it can cause more plaque buildup, they’re more difficult to clean, which can cause gingivitis and stress on your teeth and gums.

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