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While it is a lovely sentiment to think “money isn’t everything”, it seems like everything we need in this world costs some cash. But what if there was a way to save those pennies for a rainy day, instead of spending it on things like dental bills? Turns out there is, and it isn’t even tough to do. Curious? Dental hygiene. If you take the time to care for your smile, not only will help to keep your overall health intact but will also prevent the most common dental affliction – gum disease.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are conditions that describe bacterial infections within the gum tissue. Once the bacteria have begun impacting the underlying bone tissue, it can cause both gingivitis and periodontal disease. Treatments for gingivitis tend to be less invasive than those for periodontal disease, because gingivitis is a milder case of the disease. Primary treatment for gingivitis is going to be an in-office dental cleaning, where tartar can be removed, plaque will be cleaned, and the dentist may use physical instruments to remove buildup below the gum line.

Left untreated, gingivitis will eventually lead to periodontal disease, where the bacteria work their way into the deeper gum pockets and, eventually, the bone beneath the teeth. Treatment for periodontal disease will be far more involved. Depending on the nature of the infection, a periodontist may also recommend flap surgery, or bone and tissue grafts to encourage regeneration by using regenerative aids to aid the mouth in healing and rebuilding healthy gums. There is also the Chao Pinhole Technique, a less evasive treatment using a single pinhole prick to the affected area.

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