Dental Implants Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

dental implants palm beach

A dental implant is simply a replacement for the root portion of a tooth. Once anesthesia in the treatment area is achieved, the implant is inserted into the socket where the original tooth was located. If an existing tooth is being removed, then the implant placement can often be achieved without having to surgically open gum tissue around the site. There is no pain during the procedure at our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida periodontist office and mild to no discomfort after.

Typically 4 to 6 months of time is needed before placing a crown on the implant to allow for the bone and implant to bond together. This bonding is what allows for the incredible, long life span of implants. Often, one of a number of temporary tooth replacement options is worn during this waiting period.

After this healing period is complete, an "uncovering procedure" is performed at our Palm Beach office to ensure the top of the implant is clearly visible for your restorative dentist, so that they may attach your permanent crown to the implant.

Teeth the Same Day

In certain situations, temporary teeth may be placed onto the implant the day of the surgery. Dr. Cohen has vast experience with this technique and previously received a grant from Nobel Biocare to help study the use of dental implants and teeth placed the same day. The focus is to evaluate the preservation of bone and gum tissue in the smile zone. Dr. Cohen will be glad to discuss your particular needs and to help determine if you are a candidate for this type of procedure, whether you are coming from West Palm Beach, Jupiter, or Palm Beach Gardens, Florida or any of the surrounding areas.