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i-CAT 3D CT Scanner

CT Scanner palm beach

Our practice offers the latest technology to our patients that can be used to determine the exact height and width bone dimensions of their jawbones. The ICAT 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner allows Dr. Cohen and our patients to view and discuss their individual bone and anatomical landmarks during the treatment planning stages. This is especially useful when determining dental implant placement. Locations of all important anatomy including nerves,sinuses, pathology, and bone measurements are provided by the scan.

This technology offers our patients a true evaluation of bone thickness and aids in determining in advance where the safest locations are to place implants. Old fashion dental x-rays are presented in 2 dimensions, providing height, not width bone dimension. It is Dr. Cohen's belief that thorough preparation and knowledge of a patient's anatomy leads to the safest and most accurate surgical and cosmetic result.

The ICAT 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner is also utilized so that we can offer GUIDED IMPLANT SURGERY and TEETH IN AN HOUR procedures if appropriate. The detailed anatomical information from the ICAT provides the necessary information to perform exact dental implant and tooth placement in a 1 hour procedure.

icat xray palm beach